DHS Whistleblower: Here’s Exactly What Comey Needs to Have Done

June 7, 2017 | | Comments Off on DHS Whistleblower: Here’s Exactly What Comey Needs to Have Done

It didn’t need to end in this manner for James Comey.

The previous FBI director might have prevented the nationwide humiliation of being fired by the president of the United States if he had just done something in a different way. So, states a previous Department of Homeland Security officer and whistleblower tax evasion.

” Mr. Comey made a deadly mistake, and I can inform you precisely when it was,” Philip Haney informed host John Wells on a current episode of “Caravan to Midnight.” “When he completed his examination of the Hillary e-mail things, he provided journalism conference, and he came right as much as the supreme edge of stating that she dedicated criminal acts, and after that, suddenly, in another blink, the next sentence he stated, ‘But no affordable judge would arraign her on criminal charges.’.

” That was his deadly mistake because exactly what he must have done right there is merely stated, ‘And now, I’m going to provide it to Loretta Lynch and let her make the decision.’ That was the minute right there. Whatever else has actually been downhill from there.”.

Haney, who operated in Customs and Border Protection throughout his DHS profession, stated he and his fellow police authorities all understood it was over for Comey at that point. He stated if he had been Comey’s good friend, he would have sat him down before journalism conference and asked if he recognized he will deal with the most significant ethical obstacle of his profession. He would have motivated the FBI director to do the ideal thing despite the prospective blowback from the Obama administration.

” If he had withstood Obama, Inc. and merely handed the case to Loretta Lynch, hi, even if they fired him, he would have been a nationwide hero and he would have had the ability to go to work for any Fortune 500 company in the nation,” Haney hypothesized. “But now? Not a lot.”.

In the end, Comey drew in refuse not just from conservatives mad about his rejection to suggest charges versus Clinton, but likewise from liberals upset about his choice to resume the examination simply days before the election.

Haney stated Comey’s experience programs why it’s essential for a person to constantly preserve his/her stability no matter exactly what the repercussions might be. And Haney, as a whistleblower, understands everything about preserving personal stability.

” That’s the only reason I endured exactly what I went through,” he stated. “It boils down to personal stability. I would not jeopardize exactly what I understood was right.”.

As a CBP officer, it was Haney’s job to go into info into the company’s database of people and companies that presented a risk to America’s nationwide security. But when he went into bad details on people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or its front groups, Obama administration authorities within DHS bought Haney to eliminate crucial connecting info from the records. Likewise, when he went into records that linked members of the Tablighi Jamaat motion to terrorist arranging and funding, his superiors erased all the records from the database. They then introduced an examination versus Haney for “abuse” of the database.

Haney was examined 9 times throughout his 12-year DHS profession. He provides all the information in his book, “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.” He dealt with many other shames also, such as being removed from his weapon and his job tasks.

Yet, through all of it, Haney understood the details he was participating in the database was appropriate and important. He thinks the Obama administration merely discovered it troublesome because it was aiming to deal with different Muslims with prospective fear ties; the administration even brought a few of these people into its inner circle.

Haney fixed to constantly work within the hierarchy while he was on active service. He had no desire to unlawfully reveal details like Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning did. It was not up until after he retired from DHS in 2015 that he went public with his story.

Now he hopes President Trump will select a brand-new FBI director with a high level of stability, somebody who will enable FBI representatives to pursue the fact in methods Haney’s superiors at DHS did not enable him to do.

” I can inform you exactly what [FBI officers] are expecting, that President Trump will designate someone who they currently know, not an outsider, not a previous business owner, but a skilled, skilled police officer who will be available in there and cut those handcuffs off their hands and let them truly do their job,” Haney stated.

” If he does that, you’ll be shocked how quick things will reverse, not simply in FBI, but likewise in DHS, DOD, CIA, the entire spectrum. There are a lot of people that are more than efficient in assisting secure our nation from danger if they’re merely offered the chance.”.

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